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TurnAround - Community Re-Entry After Prison

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The TurnAround Program provides support for families of incarcerated individuals and offers a new start to people when they leave prison. With TurnAround, they receive case management, employment training, mentoring, emergency assistance and help with re-integration needs like birth certificate/ID cards, clothing and treatment referrals.

Successful re-entry from prison to community is imperative to the safety of our community. Approximately 97% of people who go into prison will come out. Missouri alone releases an average of 30,000 former felons per year. Unfortunately, about half of those will return to the prison system if they don`t receive the help they need to successfully re-enter the community. If we stop "the revolving door," we can make our community safer while saving billions of dollars in taxpayer money spent on housing offenders and building prisons. Plus, we improve the lives of those in need.

To learn more about TurnAround:  Call 816.561.1835

You can help!

Those who come to TurnAround want to make a change in their life and make amends for their past behavior. Unfortunately, they are generally without family support, resources and basic necessities.

TurnAround is always looking for individuals or organizations to hold clothing and food drives to help provide these necessities:

  • Jeans
  • Steel-toed work boots
  • Professional interviewing attire for men and women
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Non-perishable food

If you`d like to donate or organize a drive, contact Eileen Bobowski at 816-659-8283.

The TurnAround Program needs mentors.
TurnAround mentoring provides support to help these men and women make positive life choices as they re-enter the community. Volunteers over the age of 25 are asked to commit for one year to assist with developing goals, budgeting monthly expenses and teaching new life skills. You can make a real difference in someone`s life. For more information, contact Richard Phillips or Megan O`Malley or call 816.561.1835.  

To volunteer in other ways, please contact:
Kansas City area
Hannah Brockway
Northwest Missouri area
Troy Kyle 
816.232.2885 or 8


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