Extreme flooding in several of the counties that comprise our Kansas City-Saint Joseph diocese have devastated towns and farms. Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph is working to provide emergency assistance to those in need. Click here to donate now to support our relief efforts.

Lifting our neighbors back to the dignity of self-reliance.

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Helping Veterans Fight New Battles

By Susan Walker Studies show emergency assistance coupled with case management is most effective. Veterans truly understand the concept of sacrifice. Men and women who serve in our military have laid everything on the line for others. However, when they return to civilian life, they often face struggles and challenges that can spiral them into…
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Ending Veteran Homelessness

By Mark Churchill We have a system in place so veterans don’t have to be homeless. More than 37,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Less than 8,000 funded beds available. At Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, we are dedicated to closing this deficit and getting our veterans off the streets and into homes.…
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Shoring Up the Communication Gap

By James Madril We teach veterans how to fish so they can eat for life. Being a military veteran should be a more positive experience beyond the parades of July 4th and Veterans Day. My resume says, “highly educated and diversely trained” and it means it. I have had multimillion-dollar responsibilities in various fields, and…
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A Veteran’s First-Hand Account of Overcoming Domestic Violence

By Rhonda Gonzalez If you feel you’ve become a one person unit, call us! It’s rare to hear of a service member or a spouse being a victim of domestic violence, that is, unless a death has occurred. I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m both a veteran and a survivor of an abusive relationship.…
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When They Said “Welcome Center” They Meant It

By Amanda Daniels A simple telephone call turned my husband from a skeptic to a fan. Sometimes life reaches a point where you seemingly have nothing to lose. Two years ago, my family reached that point. Although my husband, a veteran, was employed, he was making minimum wage working daily, 12-hour shifts at the Toyota…
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