Extreme flooding in several of the counties that comprise our Kansas City-Saint Joseph diocese have devastated towns and farms. Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph is working to provide emergency assistance to those in need. Click here to donate now to support our relief efforts.

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Category Archives: Stories

The Changing Face of Homelessness

By Jarrod Sanderson Those who comprise our homeless population are changing but are the solutions to homelessness keeping pace? A recent article by Michael Hobbes highlighted a not-so-well-kept secret among social service workers but a very well-kept secret from the general public – the face of homelessness is changing. Put another way, the face of…
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It’s a Boy!

By Ashley Dooley Wohlgemuth Our Mom’s Empowerment Program helps with emergency assistance, pre-natal care, maternity clothes and baby supplies. We can even walk with a mother up to a year after her baby is born. The text message read: “8lb baby boy. Mom is doing fine.” The new dad hit send on his phone, simultaneously…
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Weathering the Storm

By Kisha Thomas We’ve assisted 431 individuals affected by the flooding of the Missouri River Devastation does not discriminate, and it’s an important fact we’ve had to learn time and time again here at Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph. One of our very own employees, Rika, has been affected by life’s unforeseen circumstances when…
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Perfect Storm – a deeper look at the lives of ex-offenders

By Kathy Ficcadenti By recognizing and helping prisoners overcome the trauma in their lives, we’re lowering their inclination to re-offend. The day a prisoner is released is often marked by unbound joy, optimism, and a belief life’s struggles are behind them. Freedom chases away any dark clouds and for a moment all things seem possible.…
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Helping Veterans Fight New Battles

By Susan Walker Studies show emergency assistance coupled with case management is most effective. Veterans truly understand the concept of sacrifice. Men and women who serve in our military have laid everything on the line for others. However, when they return to civilian life, they often face struggles and challenges that can spiral them into…
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